Volunteers Needed for the 2013 Gift-of-Life Marathon

Hundreds of volunteers are needed each year to allow the Gift-of-Life Marathon to be successful. Without a strong, reliable volunteer group, this event would not be possible. We have been extremely fortunate in the past to have so many great volunteer workers assist with the blood drive, and we hope to bring together yet another great volunteer team again this year. 

If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s Gift-of-Life Marathon, simply fill out the questionnaire below.

Jobs include, but are not limited to:

Registrar - Check-in donors and provide them with Red Cross info packet.

Traffic cop - We need lots of people staged at different spots throughout the donation sites to direct the donors from one part of the process to the next (From registration to health histories, to blood drawing to the canteen.) This is the easiest and probably the least stressful job, but it’s really important.

Donor aides - The volunteers seat the donors for the donation process, bring empty blood bags to the nurses and take the filled bags from the nurses to a central processing table. This is probably the highest stress job because a) some people don’t like to handle blood, and b) it is very intense work as we try to keep the beds filled and there is an enormous amount of activity. But it’s also at the heart of the event, and can be a lot of fun.

Canteen workers - These volunteers help people get food and drinks, keep the tables clean, and hand out gift bags

Site Canteen Coordinator - Responsible for managing the canteen all day. (Food for donors)

Site Assistant – Gopher - Do what needs to get done at the moment per the instructions of the Site Coordinator.

Site Cleanup - Roam the site and pick up trash and recyclables. Move bags of trash and recyclables to outdoor dumpsters. This job is needed especially needed between the hours of 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. after the Red Cross leaves.

Would you be willing to volunteer for tasks prior to the day of the event? (At this time, we don’t have any tasks identified, but issues do come up that volunteers can help resolve.)

We will do our best to schedule everyone for the jobs they want and the times they desire. However, we cannot guarantee we will assign an individual to their preferred assignment. We will let all volunteers know their assignment and schedule a week before the event at the latest. In most cases, they will know much earlier. 

Thank you, 

Chuck Piotrowski 

Volunteer Coordinator


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